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Linda Rathke works as a coordinating producer for CNN.com, where she is able to integrate her 25+-year career as a journalist with her skills as a photographer and visual editor.

The bulk of her career has been spent working with words – writing them, editing them, or finding just the right one for a headline. It wasn’t until 2001 that it dawned on her that she’d been carrying around a camera (or two) since she was 11. She was so focused on building a career as an editor that she totally missed some major signs along the way, including:

-- It was her photographs -- not the staff photographer’s photos -- that were chosen to open the Student Life section of the Southeast Missouri State University yearbook.

-- Nearly every time she went to a friend’s wedding, she was asked for prints of her photographs.

-- When employee photo contests were held at whichever newspaper she was working for, she often won.

So in 2001 while working at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, she took classes at The Atlanta College of Art and at The Showcase School of Photography and within months was asked to join the newspaper’s photo department. She also started exhibiting her work at local coffee houses – it was at one of those exhibits that the curator of the Spruill Gallery asked her to submit work for one of his upcoming shows.

If she’s not exhibiting her latest work, Linda’s likely shooting an event, working on the next project to submit for jurors’ consideration, or she’s using her left brain AND her right brain at CNN.com.

Whatever Linda’s working on, you can count on her attention to detail and her ability to deliver. Contact Linda to photograph your next event.
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